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Press Reviews & Clippings

Below are a few press reviews about my shows and appearances. Click HERE for my EPK.

"Wherever she performs, Amari sprinkles laughter, music and a whole lot of magic. Her dance card is always filled. If Francesca Amari isn’t a household name in your home, then you haven’t yet discovered the best music, theatre and magic that Palm Springs has to offer.” CV Weekly

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Francesca silly.jpg
scenes from Gilda.JPG
"You Make Me Laugh: A Love Song to Gilda Radner"
CabaretScenes Magazine

"Amari looks a lot like Radner, though that isn’t particularly important.  What is important is the truth and sincerity in her singing, the earnest way she delivers a lyric and the honesty of her feelings that comes through again and again... Amari keeps the tone light and bubbly and humorous and uplifting, much as Radner did, even in her darkest days."

Elliot Zwiebach, Cabaret Scenes Magazine

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"You Make Me Laugh: A
Love Song to Gilda Radner"
CabaretScenes Magazine
Davenport's Cabaret
Chicago, IL
Metropolitan Room duo.jpg

"That Gilda Radner was a beloved, versatile performer and because Francesca Amari is gracious and talented, You Make Me Laugh—A Love Song to Gilda Radner,  turns into delicious entertainment. Amari holds her own with Radner, the woman of a thousand voices—sometimes Betty Boop, and other times oaky and sensual. Gilda’s Clubs everywhere should book this dear show.                                                                                           Carla Gordon, CabaretScenes Magazine

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Francesca Amari and Gilmore Rizzo
"A Couple of Swells:
Duets, Variety & More" 
CabaretScenes Magazine
The MBar
West Hollywood, CA

"Amari is a sparkling package of perky precision and vocal dynamite who seems capable of nailing any type of song she tries. Gilmore Rizzo and Francesca Amari are a swell couple of performers who seemed like a seasoned team in only the second outing of their two-person show, which is comprised exclusively of songs made famous by various couples. It’s an evening of sheer pleasure and good, old-fashioned entertainment,"

Elliot Zwiebach, Cabaret Scenes Magazine

Francesca's cabaret show at The Metropolitan Room, NYC
"Secretly Square: Guilty Pleasure Songs"
The Metropolitan Room
New York, New York

"Ms. Amari, with an abundance of self-reflexive wit, and consummate vocal skill, brought us to the heart of the mystery of how and why music can be such a powerful force in our lives.  Her fearless celebration of her alleged squareness stands as a powerful rebuke to the compulsive hipsterism that dominates much talk about music and in so doing robs the music of its communicative emotional essence. Another, and quite better way of saying the above, is, as they used to put it on New York's old radio station WWRL, "if you don't dig this, you got a hole in your soul."

David Rabinovitz, Nightlife Exchange

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