What They're Saying About Francesca Amari...


                                                                                            “…a pert Francesca Amari turned "What I Did for Love" into a boldly                                                                                                     fervent Broadway reflection." -Variety


                                                                                       “I doubt there’s a cabaret singer out there who could sing this song any                                                                                               better. Francesca –you can sing anything!”

                                                                                                                 – Andrea Marcovicci, legendary cabaret star


                                                                                        “…You and I got the honors of setting up the evening…you were absolutely                                                                                              wonderful!  I love watching and hearing you.  You are such a generous                                                                                                spirit on stage...with a great sense of humor.  A voice that goes all over                                                                                           the place...and just lots of fun.”     -Karen Mason, Cabaret & Broadway Star


                                                                                        “Great voice, great style!!!!” Todd Schroeder, Music Director for Sam Harris


                                                                                           “Francesca Amari, a pert bundle of vocal dynamite, performs the songs                                                                                                 she preferred listening to growing up — what she calls her “guilty                                                                                                         pleasures” — describing the act of revealing these secrets as “something                                                                                             like attending an AA meeting but with a two-drink minimum.” Never

                                                                                             trying to imitate the original artists, Amari simply reflected the joys of                                                                                              their unique sounds as she put her own spin on each song.”        

                                                                                                                                                                       Elliot Zwiebach, CabaretScenes


                                                                                                            “FRANCESCA AMARI'S show tonight at Blame was a smash hit…                                                                                                  a brilliant show!”                          Les Michaels, Life is a Cabaret



“For those in a cabaret mood, yet another local music scene veteran, Francesca Amari, belts out some deliciously funny and grandly entertaining classics here, including "15 Pounds" and "Murder, He Says.” Amari bursts forth on her latest CD, “Better Days” with some enticing and off-beat standards, accompanied mostly on piano and haunting saxophone.”  

John Sinkevics, GR Press/MLive


“Francesca Amari is one of those fabulous performers and fabulous people about whom I can claim absolutely no objectivity...Her debut solo CD features a stunningly wonderful version of the Brian Lasser song, Better Days.  And the moods on the CD run from contemplative, to sassy, to heartbreaking, to exhilarating, all overlaid with her abundant personal charm.”        Michael Miyazaki, Cabaret D.C. & Beyond


“This is my new favorite CD. Francesca has such an original approach to her music, and every last cut on this disk is a gem. Her voice is spirited, fun, and “sounds” like everything I have loved about cabaret music since I was a kid. I can’t get enough of it!” -Jill Leger, Songwriter


“With her piping, fuzzy-fizzy voice and bubbly, enthusiastic personality seeming eternally girlish and down-to-earth, Francesca Amari can be barrels of fun…She was indeed adorable in her savvy, entertaining cabaret show, “Secretly Square: Guilty Pleasure Songs.”                           -Rob Lester, Cabaret Scenes


“If you missed Francesca Amari’s breakout gig last Tuesday at One Trick Pony for her

new CD, Better Days, you missed a standout evening. As her horn sideman, I admit

I’m biased, but if you were to sample the sizable crowd, I think you’d get a

similar consensus. The two-hour show consisted 

of a mix of jazz standards, show tunes, pop, and special numbers. She had a great

combo…but Francesca was the centerpiece. Simply put, she’s more than a superb

vocalist–she’s a delightful and engaging performer, both personable

and professional.  Bob Hartig, www.stormhorn.com


Comments about the Gilda Show!

“What a beautiful tribute show. You are such an amazing talent. Talking about

you at breakfast also listening to.- "15lbs away from my love" HAhaha! LOL...

you need a bigger venue!”                           

Bill E. Son, Casting Director


“You are a true light on stage, Francesca. What a beautifully sculpted show.”

Doug Graham, former Broadway performer


“You are truly a grace to the stage. True theatre. So glad we have you here

in Palm Springs.”

Rickie Lee, performer


“Marvelous show….4 out of 4-dice!”

 Jim Fordyce, American Entertainment Report


“Everyone at AZUL in Palm Springs left tonight adoring the wonderful

Francesca Amari's "Gilda" show..YOU MAKE ME LAUGH...Francesca totally

glows and the show is a funny-heartwarming- beautifully conceived and

executed delight.”

Alan Jon, performer


“A hell of a terrific show. I adored her before I saw her show…

now I'm in such major L I K E with her that I can't stand it.”

Gilmore Rizzo, performer


“I have recently seen this show and I give it a double thumbs up! I laughed, I shed a tear, and I missed the super talented Gilda Radner. Francesca has created a truly heartfelt tribute to this dearly loved and sadly missed comedienne. Don't miss it!”

Carolyn Matheson, audience member


“If you're lucky, you come to meet and know fabulous, unselfish, caring human beings such as this lady. She makes me cry but for all the right reasons. She is PROFESSIONAL, she is TALENTED beyond belief and she is doing good things for others all in the process. Now, casting directors, (if there’s ever) a bio pic of Gilda Radner,  here  is the actress / performer. You'll never find another better if you had 100 life times to search.”

Marty Daymude, adoring fan

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