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“…a pert Francesca Amari turned "What I Did for Love" into a boldly fervent Broadway reflection.                                                  Variety

“If Francesca Amari isn't a household name in your home, then you haven't yet discovered the best music, theatre and magic that Palm Springs has to offer."                    CV Weekly


“I doubt there’s a cabaret singer out there who could sing this song any better. Francesca –you can sing anything!”                 Andrea Marcovicci, legendary cabaret star


“Francesca Amari, a brilliant and massively talented entertainer.” Bernie Furshpan, Metropolitan Room/Zoom, NYC


“Prior to each scene, Bitsy Mae Harling (Francesca Amari) sings songs at the front of the stage or in the aisles of the theatre, accompanying herself on a pink guitar, and starting every song by planting her chewing gum on the face of the guitar. Her voice and humorous character are perfect.”  


“You and I got the honors of setting up the evening…you were absolutely wonderful!  I love watching and hearing you. You are such a generous spirit on stage…& a great sense of humor. A voice that can do anything...and just lots of fun.”                                                                        Karen Mason, Cabaret & Broadway Star


"Amari is a sparkling package of perky precision and vocal dynamite who seems capable of nailing any type of song she tries." Elliot Zwiebach, CabaretScenes Magazine


"Not only are you gorgeous but you are a marvelous, versatile performer with the voice of an angel! God danced all over you!"               Gavin MacLeod, TV & Film Actor


“Francesca, I was there last night and wanted you to know how wonderful you sounded...thank you.” -Gary Grant, World-class trumpeter (Barbra Streisand, Earth, Wind & Fire, Manhattan Transfer, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley)


“Amari, a pert bundle of vocal dynamite…Never trying to imitate the original artists, Amari simply reflected the joys of their unique sounds as she put her own spin on each song.”                                             Elliot Zwiebach, CabaretScenes


“One of Palm Springs' brightest stars...a terrific singer...and her cabaret shows knock my socks off."    Kay Kudukis, Palm Springs Life


“Francesca Amari presents her magnificent show, " A Love Song To Gilda Radner" tonight at The Purple Room!”    Michael Holmes, owner, The Purple Room Palm Springs


“With her piping, fuzzy-fizzy voice and bubbly, enthusiastic personality seeming eternally girlish and down-to-earth, Francesca Amari can be barrels of fun…She was indeed adorable in her savvy, entertaining cabaret show, “Secretly Square: Guilty Pleasure Songs.”                                 Rob Lester, Cabaret Scenes


“The 3-day Improv Festival w/ Cabaret star & actress Francesca Amari is the place to be, w/ her tribute to Gilda Radner. The lovely and talented actress/singer has long been a desert favorite with a large following.” Jack Lyons, Movie/Theatre Critic


“FRANCESCA AMARI'S (SQUARE) show tonight was a smash hit…a brilliant show!”  

Les Michaels, Cabaret Producer


“Amari looks a lot like Radner, though that isn’t particularly important. What is important is the truth and sincerity in her singing, the earnest way she delivers a lyric and the honesty of her feelings that comes through again and again…”                                 Elliot Zwiebach, CabaretScenes

“There would be no Sister Robert Anne without the singing and comedy skills of Francesca Amari, who makes her star turn in this one-woman spin-off.”                                           Bruce Fessier, Desert Sun

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